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Nurture Your Preschooler’s EQ for Long-Term Success

Nurture Your Preschooler’s EQ for Long-Term Success

As your child hits the milestones of development and prepares to start preschool, you may become anxious about how he or she will cope with the changes ahead. It’s possible that for the first time you are releasing your child to the care of people who are not family or close friends. If you’re wondering how your child will handle this situation, it’s in large part a matter of their emotional intelligence, or EQ (emotional intelligence quotient).

You may be surprised to learn that possessing a high IQ is considered by some experts to be less important for life success than having a high emotional intelligence. The following post examines this finding:

EQ vs IQ: Why emotional intelligence will take your kid further in life

One day on the school bus, six-year-old student Martin Moran gave a toy car he’d brought from home to a boy with special needs. He had noticed that no one ever wanted to sit next to the boy, who was often disruptive during the ride. Martin’s plan worked—the distraction helped the other child focus and stay calm, says Martin’s mom, Jessica Moran.

“It was his idea. Martin’s pretty in tune with other kids’ emotions and came up with that solution on his own,” says Moran.

The story illustrates her son’s high EQ, or emotional intelligence quotient. It’s a skill set that’s been getting a lot of buzz, with some experts and educators saying it matters more than IQ—your child’s intelligence quotient. Read more at Today’s Parent…

Emotional intelligence creates many favorable character traits in your child that will not only lay a good foundation for his or her own life, but will also enhance his or her ability to be a positive influence to the society. Isn’t that success?

With such valuable information, it is important to find out what could hinder your child having a strong EQ. The following post explains one of the common threats to EQ in children today:

How Technology Lowers Emotional Intelligence in Kids

In Three Mistakes Parents Make with Technology, I advised parents to create family guidelines for technology in their homes. Now, we’ll examine the effects of over reliance on technology and how it can diminish kids’ emotional intelligence.

I am defining technology as any external mechanism that disrupts your kid’s ability to be present with his or her thoughts and feelings, and attuned to others. That includes any device that draws your kid’s attention away from the moment—such as ear buds, smart phones, laptops—and dulls his or her senses to the world and the people in it. Read more at Psychology Today…

An awareness of technology as having the potential to rob your child of EQ is critical. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to cultivate a lifestyle that is healthy and conducive for his EQ to thrive.

There are also some things you can do to positively invest in your child’s EQ. The following post describes them in detail:

How to Strengthen Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

When emotions run high, people do and say things they normally would not. When you’re a young child, this is what you do all the time.

Emotional self-regulation, a large component of emotional intelligence, is the ability to manage one’s experience and expression of emotions. With practice, children improve their capacity for emotional self-regulation. By age four, most children start to use strategies to eliminate disturbing external stimuli. In other words, they cover their eyes when they’re scared and plug their ears when they hear a loud noise.

It’s not until age 10 that children consistently use more complex strategies for emotional self-regulation. These strategies can be broken down into two simplistic categories: those that attempt to solve the problem and those that attempt to tolerate the emotion. Read more at The Gottman Institute…

As you put those measures into practice, you also need to ensure your child enrolls in a school that will support her emotionally as well as academically.

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